Assemblymember Levine to Require Evolution of "Cal State Online"

Legislation will direct coordination between all CSU campuses allowing students greater access to online courses

Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) today announced a plan to overhaul "Cal State Online" an online education program within the California State University (CSU).

This legislation will direct the CSU Board of Trustees to provide students system-wide access to online courses offered throughout each of the system's campuses. Currently, CSU students are limited in their ability to take online courses at CSU campuses other than their own.

"There is far too little coordination in online education," said Levine. "Better communication within and across college institutions will allow us to do more for our students with the resources that we have."

The Levine legislation will establish performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of online education, and require new programs to use online courses.

"I share Governor Brown's sentiment that higher education must move aggressively to lower costs for students, accelerate the time it takes to earn a degree, increase graduation rates and deploy teaching resources effectively," said Levine. "CSU must work to promote access and efficiency through innovation. There is no doubt that CSU can better utilize the online resources that are already available to them."

The legislation announced today will direct the CSU system to:

  • Upgrade the "Cal State Online" program.
    • Students enrolled at any of the 23 CSU campuses will be allowed, without additional enrollment requirements, to take online courses offered at another campus for credit at their home campus.
  • Establish a system-wide definition for online education.
  • Establish common ID for classes so that it is clear a course fulfills a needed requirement.
  • Develop performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of online coursework.
  • Require that online coursework be included in the development of new programs.

"The California State Student Association (CSSA) is thrilled that Assemblymember Levine, former student leader and CSSA chair, will focus on supporting and improving higher education this year through online learning," said CSSA Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Pedro Ramirez. "CSSA understands that online learning has the potential to improve access for CSU students and to also help students get the courses they need in a timely manner. We look forward to working closely with Assemblymember Levine on his higher education priorities."

This legislation will be introduced in the Assembly within the next few weeks.

Assemblymember Levine attended CSU Northridge and chaired the California State Student Association. Assemblymember Levine is a member of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education.