Clean & Green

Marc is a champion of smart policies to protect our air, water, treasured open spaces and farmland. Marc has introduced Assembly Bill 158a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags, and is currently working on legislation to safeguard California from potential risks posed by the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to extract oil or natural gas. He is also working to continue California’s leadership in energy efficiency, create clean energy jobs, and promote sustainable agriculture in the North Bay and across California. 


California’s K-12 education system has been hard hit by budget cuts and other problems.  Marc is dedicated to protecting education from further cuts and building a school system for the 21st century. As a member of the higher education committee and a former president of a Cal State University campus, Marc is also deeply invested in the challenges facing our public university system. The Master Plan for California’s universities was developed 50 years ago. Marc is working to lead a conversation about protecting access to college now, and setting a course for the next 50 years.  


Marc believes innovative will continue to power California’s economy, and can also open the door to improvements in education, environmental sustainability, and efficiency in government. Prior to his political career, Marc worked at the intersection of technology, philanthropy and education. He developed award-winning software that is now used by human rights organizations across the globe. [are there specific policies to highlight here on innovation?]

Community & Economic Development

[this is a section to discuss local issues like Richardson Bay, etc. or to mention broader economic policies.]

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