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While President Trump and Congress leave people behind, California passed the most progressive budget we’ve seen in decades. I’m proud to have worked with legislators across the state to allocate billions to address California’s most pressing issues like homelessness, housing, the environment, education, gun violence, and more.

Here are just a few ways our new budget will help solve some of our toughest problems:

Housing & Homelessness

Our housing and homelessness crisis is out of control. The 2020 California budget finally recognizes that we have to do more at the state level. That’s why we’ve allocated $1.75 billion to increase our housing supply and $1 billion to address homelessness. The budget includes:

  • Providing Grants to accelerate housing production statewide
  • Investing in low- and middle-income housing production
  • Improving long-term statewide housing production strategy
  • Increasing funding for legal assistance for renters
  • Providing housing for current and former foster kids
  • Construction and expansion of shelters, supportive housing, job programs, & more
  • Grants for programs that prevent low-income families from becoming homeless
  • Funding to help disabled homeless men and women apply for disability benefit programs
  • Millions more on health and human services investments and student rehousing

The Environment

We’ve seen in the last couple of years the impact of climate change in California with harmful and deadly fires across our state. The environment can’t wait, and we know that. That’s why we’re allocating over a billion dollars to environmental protection and public health in our 2020 California Budget. This includes $200 million for fuel reduction projects and wildfire prevention, $43.4 million to ensure Californians have access to clean, safe drinking water, and $165 million to invest in California’s future carbon-free workforce.

AB 1440, my bill to transform California’s drilling policy so that we consider public health and the environment when permitting new projects, is still being considered by the Assembly. You can add your name to our petition here:

Transforming Education
We’re transforming the way we think about education, removing the barriers that impact social mobility, and providing critical, life-changing resources for students in communities that need it most. Our 2020 budget will implement the largest educational investment in California history:

  • Expanded access to Pre-K
  • Increased spending for kindergarten to community college
  • Allocating $50 million for kids college funds
  • Adding 15,000 new slots for UC & CSU
  • Funding over 15,000 Cal Grant Awards
  • Providing free community college for all!

Gun Violence

We can and must do more to prevent gun violence in our state. That’s why California is taking positive steps to tackle this horrific issue. Our 2020 state budget allocates $30 million for CalVIP (200% increase!) which funds community-based violence prevention programs that are proven effective. 

This is a great start, but we can do more. AB 18, my legislation for a gun tax to provide a permanent source of funding for these proven programs is still being considered by the Assembly. You can add your name to our petition here:

Unequal Financial Burdens on Women & Families

Women and families experience unequal financial burdens, like the “pink tax” on essential feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons. We’re alleviating these burdens in the 2020 California budget in a few essential ways:

  • Repealing the tampon tax
  • Repealing sales taxes on diapers
  • Extending paid family leave from 6 to 8 weeks
  • Providing income tax credits to low-income families

California is stepping up to solve our state’s problems and make lives better for all Californians. Learn more about budget in full at