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In the wake of horrific gun violence, we can make a difference in California.

2018 was a year of hope and heartbreak for those of us sickened by the crisis of gun violence in the US and in California. The March for Our Lives inspired us to take action and vote for change. And the tragedy in Thousand Oaks reminded us of the horrific consequences if we continue to do nothing.

This year, it is more important than ever to take the kinds of actions we promised voters to reduce gun violence and protect our children. If our federal government refuses to take action, then something must be done here in California.

We can start with Assembly Bill 18, Marc's new bill to tax all handgun and semiautomatic rifle sales.

AB 18 will increase funding for the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (CalVIP), a grant for community-based programs that help prevent the root causes of gun violence in the neighborhoods most affected by it.

This effort by has state has proven to be exceedingly effective, but it's remained dramatically underfunded in recent years. Assembly Bill 18 could bring in enough revenue to double or triple grant funding for communities across California.

Passing AB 18 will not be easy. Under California law, it will require 2/3rds majorities in the Assembly and State Senate, and the NRA will no doubt fight it tooth and nail. But this is a fight we can win. Californians made their voices heard loud and clear in November. It's time to honor their wishes and take real action to reduce the gun violence that's taken too many from us. AB 18 will do just that, and we hope you will sign our petition in support.

Sign our petition in support of Assembly Bill 18, Marc’s bill for a tax on firearm sales to support violence prevention programs in California.

Will you sign?