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Your data is out there. Together we can protect it.

“Big data is being wielded against us in unregulated and unforeseen ways,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine. “Californians have little control over how their personal data is used, and they need protection.”

From Cambridge Analytica to the Equifax breach, recent events have shown that Big Data can’t regulate itself in the protection of our personal information. AB2182 is Marc’s bill to establish the California Data Protection Authority. By holding Big Tech accountable in their collection and management of our personal data, we can work to prevent future breaches of our privacy.

The California Data Protection Authority will be charged with developing regulations to protect Californians, including:

  • The prohibition of social media websites from conducting potentially harmful psychological experiments on its users
  • The standardization of the presentation of online user agreements, ensuring users clearly understand permissions given to companies;
  • The development of methods helping people of California remove their data from the internet and data servers when deleting profiles and content;
  • The CDPA will be charged with promulgating other regulations as necessary to protect Californians.

Let’s hold Silicon Valley accountable in its collection and management of our personal data. Show your support today for AB2182 and the California Data Protection Authority:

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