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Holding Insurance Companies Accountable, for a Change

Insurance companies operating in California are raising rates, so they can reap even more in profits while insuring fewer and fewer Californians. The current Insurance Commissioner is too beholden to the insurance industry to put the interests of everyday Californians first. As our Insurance Commissioner, Marc will be the top insurance industry cop California needs. 

  • Strengthen oversight and regulation of the 1,500 insurance companies under the watch of the office. 
  • Refocus the office on the critical work of protecting consumers, and zealously investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud, price gouging, and other predatory practices. 
  • Implement a No Bailouts policy. The State already bailed out utility behemoth PG&E twice. We won’t do the same for the private insurance companies engaging in risky financial practices that put our livelihoods at risk.
  • Order insurance companies to refund the excessive profits they have made by overcharging Californians by billions of dollars during the COVID pandemic. So far, under the current Commissioner, insurance companies have only paid back a mere fraction of this amount.