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Our children shouldn't be pulling cigarette butts out of sand castles, but the problems that cigarettes pose for our environment and our safety go much deeper than that. Discarded cigarette butts comprise a staggering 37.7% of all litter collected at beach clean ups and cause 30% of fire-related deaths in California. That’s why Marc authored AB 1718, which bans cigarettes at state parks and beaches.

Discarded cigarettes impact everything around us, our environment, our communities, and our families. Last year was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in California history, destroying countless communities, homes, and families and causing $7 billion dollars in damage. Banning cigarettes at state parks and beaches is a critical step in protecting our environment, preventing wildfires, and saving lives.

Just as California banned smoking at indoor venues decades ago, it is time that visitors enjoying our state beaches and state parks be protected from the harm caused by smoking. We have waited long enough to protect the Golden State’s public health and natural environment. The time to act is now.