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Ensuring Fair Wages

Marc’s bill AB1902 would guarantee that subcontracted workers with companies valued over $1 billion receive a fair living wage.

AB 1902 will require companies operating in California that have a market capitalization or valuation over one billion dollars to pay sub-contracted service workers wages that are tied to the Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) income levels for the county they are sub-contracted to work in. Raising income levels will assists workers to afford high costs of living, including housing.

“While major corporations make their biggest profits in history, they pay workers poverty wages,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine. “I’m pursuing legislation that will provide sub-contracted workers with the upward mobility they need to provide for their families and plan for their futures.” 

Sub-contracted service workers face many obstacles in accessing opportunities to further their education and careers. When large companies sub-contract their workers, those workers do not receive access to the same benefits and opportunities as full-time employees. Assemblymember Levine will be introducing proposed legislation to provide contracted workers these benefits.