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Defending Our Privacy

The line between insurance companies and data companies is becoming increasingly blurred, as insurance companies collect our information, use it to market products to us and determine our insurance rates (with zero transparency as to how they arrive at these rates), and even sell it to other industries, from car companies to Big Tech. The current Insurance Commissioner has even publicly bragged to insurance company executives that he wants to give them even more access to our private data. It’s time for an Insurance Commissioner who will step in and protect the privacy of all Californians. Marc will:

  • Make sure Californians’ medical records are kept private and secure. 
  • Safeguard the genetic and DNA information that more and more Californians are submitting to companies like 23 and Me.
  • Ensure that as more self-driving vehicles and cars with integrated data tracking systems appear on the road, our privacy is protected, and our safety is secured.