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Addressing Racial Bias in Death Penalty Cases

We know that racial discrimination permeates our criminal justice system, and the application of the death penalty is no different. Marc’s bill, AB 1798, would provide avenues for appeal of a death sentence if racial bias was a factor in jury selection or application of the death penalty.

“California’s death penalty is a failed relic of a failed criminal justice system,” said Assemblymember Levine. “The death penalty does not deter serious crime, has been overly applied to minorities and has proven to be an expensive and flawed exercise in justice.”

People of color are disproportionately sentenced to death compared to whites. This is a result of systematic racism that must be addressed at every level here in California. We cannot claim to be a progressive state while black and brown people are being sentenced to death on the basis of their skin color. Assemblyman Levine wants to tackle this issue at the state level and provide justice to those who have been unfairly given the death sentence because of racial bias.