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Rebuilding After Loss

Over 8,000 structures were destroyed in 2017’s North Bay wildfires, displacing thousands. Marc’s bill AB1800 would ensure that families can start their lives again by amending the insurance code to guarantee full replacement cost benefits, regardless of whether you choose to rebuild or relocate.

“With climate change causing an increase in the severity and number of wildfires across the state, it is important to strengthen consumer protection for survivors of natural disasters,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine. “While we can’t change the past, this package of bills will address some of the shortcomings in law that was revealed by the California fires.”

After the wildfires, some survivors may choose to rebuild elsewhere or buy a home at a different location. However, many insurers withhold the Extended Replacement Cost coverage unless the owner rebuilds on the same lot. AB 1800 will clarify that the coverage limits including the amounts for Extended Replacement Cost and Building Code Upgrade coverage are available to those who rebuild or purchase an already built home at a new location.