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RELEASE: Four Assemblymembers Endorse Marc Levine in Major Shakeup of Insurance Commissioner's Race

Adrin Nazarian, Bill Quirk, Robert Rivas, and Richard Bloom Back Levine in Run Up to Democratic Convention

March 1, 2022


(Sacramento, CA)--In a major shakeup in the race for California Insurance Commissioner just days before the California Democratic Party’s State Convention, four State Assemblymembers have announced their endorsements of their colleague Marc Levine’s campaign to run the largest state consumer protection agency in America. 

Assemblymembers Robert Rivas and Richard Bloom are making dual endorsements, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian is weighing in for the first time and solely endorsing Levine, and Assemblymember Bill Quirk is withdrawing his endorsement of incumbent Ricardo Lara and switching to fully support Levine. 

Assemblymember Quirk, a Democrat who represents the 20th District (the Southern Alameda County cities of Union City and Hayward, a majority of Fremont, and other communities), was particularly alarmed by the false attacks being waged against Levine by Lara’s campaign in recent attack mail pieces and urged his fellow Democratic Delegates to vote for the Party to endorse Levine at this weekend’s State Party Convention. 

While I originally endorsed Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner, today I'm officially withdrawing my endorsement and throwing my support fully behind Marc Levine,” said Quirk. “Ricardo Lara is sending out attack mailers against Marc to Democratic Party delegates which blatantly misrepresent Marc's record in the Assembly. The truth is that Marc Levine has been a principled and unwavering champion for working families and consumers in the Assembly. Lara’s mailer stated that Marc did not vote for bills that he actually voted for and omitted that many bills Marc did not support were not supported by most Democrats. I'm also switching my endorsement, because Ricardo Lara received contributions from entities he regulates. He did that after he said he would not take donations from them. We need an Insurance Commissioner who will focus fully on the challenges facing our state. I urge my fellow delegates to support Marc Levine at the Democratic Convention this weekend."

Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, a Democrat who represents the central-southern San Fernando Valley, announced his sole endorsement for Levine, saying: "I'm proud to endorse my colleague Marc Levine for State Insurance Commissioner. I have worked closely with Marc in the State Assembly for the past decade, and I know that California could have no bigger champion for affordable insurance, for consumer protections, and for transparent government in the Insurance Commissioner's office than Marc."

“Marc Levine is a trusted colleague in the Assembly with a long record of standing up to corporate special interests on behalf of everyday Californians,” said Assemblymember Robert Rivas, a Democrat who represents the 30th District (all of San Benito County, a majority of Monterey County, and portions of Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties) and who is dual endorsing Levine and the incumbent. “When he is Insurance Commissioner, Marc will fight tirelessly to make home, health, and auto insurance more affordable for everyone in our state."

Assemblymember Richard Bloom, a Democrat who represents West LA, also announced his dual endorsement, saying: “In the State Assembly, Marc Levine has proven himself to be an effective and accessible leader and a true champion for consumers. He has a strong record of standing up to corporate special interests--from Big Oil and big tech, to the insurance companies, and the NRA--and getting results for California. I’m proud to endorse Marc for Insurance Commissioner.”

“I’m so grateful to have earned the support of my colleagues, Assemblymembers Rivas, Quirk, Nazarian, and Bloom—dedicated public servants who have made an incredible difference for our state,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine, candidate for Insurance Commissioner. “Something big is happening in the race for Insurance Commissioner in the days before the Democratic Convention. As more and more delegates and elected leaders consider the real difference in this campaign, we have started to close the gap with the incumbent. Californians deserve an Insurance Commissioner who puts consumers before the insurance industry. And I will be that Insurance Commissioner.”

At the Convention this weekend, party activists will cast ballots to determine who receives the endorsement of the California Democratic Party. In addition to Assemblymembers Rivas, Quirk, Nazarian, and Bloom (who are also voting Delegates at the State Convention), Democratic Party Caucus Chairs, County Party Chairs, and Delegates from across the state have joined Levine’s campaign, including Progressive Caucus Chair Amar Shergill, Veterans Caucus Chair M. Ronald Cohen, Environmental Caucus Chair Igor Tregub (dual endorsement), San Joaquin County Party Chair Barbara Sasso, Calaveras County Party Chair Laura Lowell, Lake County Party Chair Debra Baumann, Trinity County Party Chair George Bates, Yuba County Party Chair Eleanore Rewerts, former Ventura County Party Chair and former Veterans Caucus Chair Shawn Terris, and Tuolumne County Party Chair Kara Betchtle, as well as the California Nurses Association, Speaker Anthony Rendon, and many others.