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RELEASE: Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Chair Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

Chair of State Party’s Largest Caucus a Game Changer for Assemblymember’s Campaign in Run Up to State Party Convention 

February 17, 2022


(Sacramento, CA)-- Today, Amar Shergill, Chair of the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus endorsed Assemblymember Marc Levine’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner. The Progressive Caucus is the largest caucus in the California Democratic Party. 

“I endorse Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner because we need a serious and effective Insurance Commissioner who will stand up to the insurance industry and big corporations and put consumers first,” said Shergill, also a State Democratic Party Delegate from Sacramento County. “Ricardo Lara has disqualified himself from office; he not only took contributions from insurance companies after promising not to, he actually stepped in and interfered with his own Department of Insurance to help those donors. It's deeply disappointing. Marc Levine will end the scandals and corruption in the Insurance Commissioner’s office and put it back on track so we can focus on what matters: bringing down insurance costs, fighting for healthcare as a human right, and reducing the insurance industry’s contribution to climate change. I trust my fellow progressive Democrats will join me in calling for a new direction and supporting Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner.”

“I’m honored to have Amar’s support,” said Assemblymember and candidate for Insurance Commissioner Marc Levine. “This is a critical election. And we must restore true progressive, effective, consumer-oriented leadership to the Insurance Commissioner’s office. It is clear that as we get closer to the State Democratic Party Convention, that key leaders in the party are moving away from the scandal plagued incumbent and coalescing behind our campaign. I will be an Insurance Commissioner who puts people before profit and who puts consumers before the insurance industry.”

Progressive Caucus Chair Amar Shergill joins a growing list of Party Caucus Chairs and County Party Chairs endorsing Levine’s campaign, including M. Ronald Cohen, Chair of the Veterans Caucus, Igor Tregub, Chair of the Environmental Caucus, San Joaquin County Party Chair Barbara Sasso, Calaveras County Party Chair Laura Lowell, Lake County Party Chair Debra Baumann, Trinity County Party Chair George Bates, Yuba County Party Chair Eleanore Rewerts, former Ventura County Party Chair and former Veterans Caucus Chair Shawn Terris, and Tuolumne County Party Chair Kara Betchtle, as well as the California Nurses Association, Speaker Anthony Rendon, and many others.