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San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: "Ricardo Lara has to go. Vote Marc Levine for California insurance commissioner"

"...we enthusiastically endorse his candidacy....Levine is running on a platform of good governance...He has vowed to mandate more transparency regarding insurance company fossil fuel investments…[which] has the potential to spark nationwide fossil fuel divestment and increased climate transparency for consumers everywhere...Levine deserves your vote."

LA Times Editorial: "Marc Levine for state insurance commissioner"

"Levine stands out from the pack as the candidate who will best look out for consumers and the planet....[Ricardo Lara is] an ethical disaster...horrible for someone whose job is to protect consumers from being overcharged by insurance companies."

San Jose Mercury News Editorial: "Elect Levine to end Lara’s insurance commissioner scandals"

"California needs consumer protection, not partying, dining and cozying up with industry lobbyists and executives...What the state needs is an insurance commissioner…willing to work hard to protect consumers and ensure healthy industry competition and solvency. Levine is the only candidate who meets those criteria..."  

L.A. Times Editorial: "Government emails are public records. Deleting them too quickly is not OK"

Assembly Bill 2370 would make clear that all state records, including email, must be retained for at least two years. Its author, Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-Greenbrae), is running for insurance commissioner this year... it would advance government transparency and serve the public interest. We urge the Legislature to continue advancing the bill.

Press Democrat Editorial: "Deleting government emails leaves the public in the dark"

Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, has introduced a bill that would require state agencies to retain records for at least two years. That’s how long the law already requires cities and counties to do so.

RELEASE: Marc Levine's Legislation Protecting Access to Public Documents Unanimously Passes Critical Committee

Levine’s legislation was necessitated by incumbent Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s attempts in late 2021 to make it official Department of Insurance protocol to automatically delete Department emails after 180 days unless archived manually. 

KRCR: "Democratic challenger for California Insurance Commissioner visits Paradise"

On Thursday, the Democratic challenger for California Insurance Commissioner, Marc Levine, visited Paradise: a community that continues to struggle to obtain adequate home insurance. Levine met with members of the non-profit, Rebuild Paradise, and the Butte County Fire Safe Council.

RELEASE: Four Assemblymembers Endorse Marc Levine in Major Shakeup of Insurance Commissioner's Race

In a major shakeup in the race for California Insurance Commissioner just days before the California Democratic Party’s State Convention, four State Assemblymembers have announced their endorsements of their colleague Marc Levine’s campaign to run the largest state consumer protection agency in America.

RELEASE: Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Chair Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

“I endorse Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner because we need a serious and effective Insurance Commissioner who will stand up to the insurance industry and big corporations and put consumers first,” said Shergill, also a State Democratic Party Delegate from Sacramento County.

RELEASE: California Nurses Association Sole Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

"While many politicians make empty promises about making structural reforms to our healthcare system, we believe, as Insurance Commissioner, Marc Levine will have the courage to take on the insurance industry and help California lead the nation in making quality, affordable healthcare a reality for every Californian,” said Sandy Reding, Co-President of California Nurses Association/ National Nurses United.