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KRCR: "Democratic challenger for California Insurance Commissioner visits Paradise"

On Thursday, the Democratic challenger for California Insurance Commissioner, Marc Levine, visited Paradise: a community that continues to struggle to obtain adequate home insurance. Levine met with members of the non-profit, Rebuild Paradise, and the Butte County Fire Safe Council.

RELEASE: Four Assemblymembers Endorse Marc Levine in Major Shakeup of Insurance Commissioner's Race

In a major shakeup in the race for California Insurance Commissioner just days before the California Democratic Party’s State Convention, four State Assemblymembers have announced their endorsements of their colleague Marc Levine’s campaign to run the largest state consumer protection agency in America.

RELEASE: Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Chair Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

“I endorse Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner because we need a serious and effective Insurance Commissioner who will stand up to the insurance industry and big corporations and put consumers first,” said Shergill, also a State Democratic Party Delegate from Sacramento County.

RELEASE: California Nurses Association Sole Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

"While many politicians make empty promises about making structural reforms to our healthcare system, we believe, as Insurance Commissioner, Marc Levine will have the courage to take on the insurance industry and help California lead the nation in making quality, affordable healthcare a reality for every Californian,” said Sandy Reding, Co-President of California Nurses Association/ National Nurses United. 

RELEASE: Don't Look Up Director Calls Out Ricardo Lara for Failing to Lead on Climate

Today, Adam McKay, director of the satirical film about climate change, Don’t Look Up, publicly called out California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara for his failure to lead on the climate crisis

RELEASE: Speaker Rendon Endorses Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner

“I’m proud to endorse my colleague Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner,” said Speaker Rendon. “I’ve worked closely with Marc in the state legislature for a decade and I’ve seen him fearlessly take on special interests like Big Oil, the NRA, and the insurance industry. He is an effective leader that delivers real results for Californians on critical issues like insurance reform, healthcare, gun safety, and environmental protection. At this time of crisis in the insurance market, we need Marc Levine in the Insurance Commissioner’s office because we can count on him to stand up to the insurance industry and deliver the reforms consumers deserve.”

Statement on New Ricardo Lara Scandal Revelations from Candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Assemblymember Marc Levine

Today, candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Assemblymember Marc Levine released the following statement on the lobbyist disclosures in the Ricardo Lara lawsuit published in today’s story in the San Diego Union-Tribune by investigative reporter Jeff McDonald: “The new revelations about Ricardo Lara’s influence peddling scandal are deeply troubling...

Daily Poster: "Big Oil's California Connection"

State insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara has taken campaign money and gifts from fossil fuel interests and “done almost nothing” to address climate change.

Interested Parties Memo: Backgrounder on the difference between the candidates on the wildfire insurance crisis

The wildfire insurance crisis has become a critical public policy matter in California, with an ongoing wave of insurance policy cancellations and rate hikes impacting consumers and businesses across the state. Here are the key issues at play for Californians as the campaign for insurance commissioner enters 2022:

A Conversation With Larry Mulryan, Former Director of the CA Insurance Guarantee Association and Chairman of the State Compensation Insurance Fund

I’m honored that the former Executive Director of the California Insurance Guarantee Association Larry Mulryan has endorsed our campaign. Larry is also the former Chairman of the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). Larry is most known for literally saving the workers’ compensation system in California in the early 2000s.